Voter suppression is still a deciding factor in Alabama elections

John Merrill is going to write me a snarky letter, and that’s OK.

I’m going to write a snarky column about Alabama’s voter suppression — and Merrill’s role in it — and I don’t write these things expecting everyone to agree. I write them so at least a few people will at least consider that the way things are in this state aren’t the way they have to be.

And nowhere is that more true than with Alabama’s access to the ballot box.

Now, before Merrill and the other rightwing hacks start banging out replies, let’s get a few things straight. Because while all of them will be entitled to their own opinions, they won’t be entitled to their own facts.

A standard response from the right whenever these matters of ballot access pop up is to demand to know the identity of a single person who lacks the ability or necessary access to be able to vote. Name someone, Merrill loves to say, and I’ll go to their house and make sure … blah, blah, blah.

But this is not the point, and they know it.

Read more at the Alabama Political Reporter.

Josh Moon

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