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Millions in Unspent Welfare Funds, Campaign Reflections, and Court Controversies

In this episode, Josh Moon and David Person discuss Alabama’s unspent $100 million in Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) funds, emphasizing the dire need for better financial support in impoverished areas, particularly in the Black Belt.

House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels joins the show to share personal updates, including recovering from a house fire. He reflects on his recent congressional campaign and the significant influence of money in politics. Daniels discusses his future plans, focusing on spending time with family and supporting local communities through sustainable programs like Boys and Girls Clubs, and provides insights into the recent legislative session’s impact on Alabama.

The hosts then turn to U.S. District Court Judge Lyle C. Burke’s controversial order threatening to jail lawyers, expressing concerns about increasing judicial partisanship and suggesting reforms, such as term limits for Supreme Court justices.

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